Can I send my affiliate link via email?
Yes, you can.

Can I fax my W-9 to you?
No, you can’t. However, you can take a picture of it on your phone and send it via email.

How can I talk to my affiliates manager?
You can talk to your affiliates manager by emailing

What is a unique visitor?
Unique visitors is a way to track the usage of your link. Each IP address that uses your link will be a different unique visitor.

How are visitors cookies tracked via affiliate link?
Visitors are tracked through cookies. These tracking cookies are added to customers' web browsers when they click on an affiliate link. In order to get the commission, your customers' need to click on your link. The link that was used before the purchase was made, will be the link that gets commission. For the purchase to count as a referral for the affiliate, it must be made before the tracking cookie expires.

When do the tracking cookies expire?
Our tracking cookies expire after 50 years.

How can I delete my account?
Email your affiliates manager at to have your account deleted.